Diagnostic Equipment

Further Diagnostic Equipment

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

For heart conditions and some anaesthetics we have a digital ECG to monitor the electrical activity of your pet’s heart to show any abnormalities in rhythm. This ability facilitates correspondence with local referral Veterinary Cardiologists to diagnose and monitor patients.


We have two portable ultrasound machines which are regularly used for pregnancy diagnosis and internal imaging. It is a key diagnostic tool for non-invasive imaging of internal organs, fluids and tissues. The ability to image the structure and movement of organs in real time gives us additional information to reach a diagnosis. Further machines specifically designed for cattle reproduction are available for farm visits.


Endoscopy is another diagnostic tool we are able to utilise to minimise trauma to our patients whilst gaining maximum information. We have otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes for ears and eyes and a rhinoscope for looking into the nasal cavity. We also have two sizes of flexible endoscope and a rigid endoscope to maximise our chances of appropriate sizing for all our patients.

Anaesthetic monitoring equipment

Capnograph, Pulse Oximetry and Oesophageal Stethoscope for detailed anaesthetic monitoring

Tonometry for eye pressure in cases of glaucoma

Oxygen Chamber, intravenous fluid infusion pumps and syringe driver for critical patients Sphygmomanometer for blood pressure measurement, especially important in geriatric cats Glucometer for diabetic patients