Charlie Mitchell administering medication on site

Equine Services

Routine Care:

At Cedar Veterinary Group we are firm believers that “prevention is better than cure”! The annual vaccination visit is the best place to start and as well as covering your horse for influenza and tetanus it is a great time to check your horse’s teeth and discuss other health concerns you may have. We can also offer advice on many subjects such as weight management, farriery and diet.

Whether you want basic care covering a retired horse for tetanus and teeth checks or a performance plan including annual blood tests and more regular checks we can tailor a plan that suits you and your horse.


Equine DentistryWe offer a full dentistry service at Cedar Veterinary Group from routine “floating” of teeth and checks to dental radiographs and some extractions. In addition Charlie is one of only a few vets in the Uk who has passed the equine dental technicians BEVA/BAEDT exam so is also a fully qualified “equine dentist”. We have a full range of manual and motorised equipment allowing the vast majority of problems to be sorted at your own stable. For more advanced techniques such as diastema treatment, complicated extractions and treatment of tooth infections we have a very close working relationship with Chris Pearce of Equine Dental Clinic who is at the forefront of Equine Dentistry in Europe.

Pre-purchase Examination:

We offer both two and five stage pre-purchase examinations:

  • Stage 1 – Full Clinical Examination
  • Stage 2 – Trot up
  • Stage 3 – Strenuous exercise
  • Stage 4 – Period of rest
  • Stage 5 – Final trot-up.

Whilst we strongly recommend you consider a five stage examination to maximise the information gained from a “vetting” we do also offer a two stage examination which is shorter and slightly cheaper.
Please contact the surgery to discuss your requirements.

Equine XrayIn-house Laboratory:

We have a fully equipped in-house laboratory allowing us to run a variety of tests with almost immediate results.


We are well equipped with digital xray, ultrasound and endoscopy equipment. This allows a large number of medial and lameness issues to be investigated at your stable minimising the disruption for you and your horse.

For more complicated problems and surgeries we have an excellent relationship with Liphook Equine Hospital and Donnington Grove Veterinary Group. Referral to either hospital can be arranged at your convenience or instantly in the unfortunate event your horse needs emergency surgery.

Routine surgery:

We are happy to carry out standing castration and other minor procedures at your stables. Please call the surgery to discuss your requirements.