This is the most difficult decision to make for a loved pet and also the most important. As pet owners ourselves, we understand the heartache in trying to choose a ‘right time’ and we are here to advise and support you.

It is out of our love for these important furry members of our family that we turn to euthanasia to give our pets a release from their suffering.

Animal euthanasia is performed with an anaesthetic drug, usually injected into the vein, so that the pet goes peacefully to sleep. Your vet is able to advise on the process and also administer a sedative if appropriate, to ensure there is minimal stress for you and your pet during this emotional time. If you would prefer this procedure to be carried out at your home we may be able to facilitate this, depending on the circumstances. Please either speak to your vet or call us to discuss arrangements. Please note there is an additional cost to cover the journey, depending on your distance from the Surgery, for our home visits.

After the procedure you may wish to take your pet home for burial or we can offer cremation services with or without ashes. For an individual cremation service with ashes we can arrange for Dignity, a member of The Association of Private Pet Cemeteries & Crematoria, to collect your pet for individual cremation.