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Consultation Rooms

We have several dedicated rooms for individual veterinary consultations to discuss the health concerns of your pet and perform initial examinations. These provide a calm and private environment for you, your pet and your Vet.

Dental Facilities

Dental disease in pet animals is very common. To keep your pet’s smiles white and smelling fresh, each of our surgeries is equipped with high-tech ultrasonic scaling and polishing systems.

In House Laboratory

The laboratories at our main two branches, Alresford and Alton, have blood testing equipment for fast assessment of biochemical parameters and also haematology. In some instances we may require further tests from an outside laboratory. In this case a courier collects the samples directly from our surgeries. We also use microscopy for faecal egg count readings, ectoparasite diagnosis, urinalysis and certain cytology.

Operating Suite

Every branch has its own fully equipped, sterile operating theatre available for a comprehensive range of routine and emergency procedures. Gaseous anaesthesia is used as standard and a Capnograph is used routinely at our Alton branch for anaesthetic monitoring.



We have two portable ultrasound machines which are regularly used for pregnancy diagnosis and internal imaging. It is a key diagnostic tool for non-invasive imaging of internal organs, fluids and tissues. The ability to image the structure and movement of organs in real time gives us additional information to reach a diagnosis.

Digital Radiography

Our main two surgeries have the latest digital X-ray technology providing images on screen within 30 seconds. This equipment gives us excellent quality images and also allows us to email radiographs to specialists for second opinions when appropriate.