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Lifetime Care Club

Never pay to see the vet again with Cedar Vets

Our Lifetime Care Club is tailored to your pet

We’ve been proudly independent and at the heart of Hampshire life since 1893, building relationships in our community and pushing standards to deliver the very best care.

Being independent means we can focus on doing what we believe will allow us to provide the highest level of care for our patients – and we’re proud to present the latest example of this with our new and improved Lifetime Care Club!

The biggest change is the introduction of free consults for our Unlimited members. You read that right. For just £28 a month you can visit our vets and nurses as many times as you need for no extra charge. 

But that’s not all. We’re also giving our Ultimate members free access to VidiVet, meaning you can receive instant video advice from a qualified vet 24/7 – all through your phone.

Alternatively, you could join our Essentials plan, which at £23 per month ensures annual routine preventative care as well as a range of further perks and offers. Both of our plans include annual vaccinations and parasite prevention tailored to your pet’s specific needs, delivered to your door exactly when you need them. Ultimate members also receive a range of further discounts, including 15% off dental care and 20% off neutering.

Total transparency for preventative healthcare

Our Lifetime Care Club breaks down the cost of preventative healthcare into 12 monthly payments – and our prices won’t change over the course of your year’s membership.

Allow us to take the best care of your pet

With an annual saving of up to £400, our plan combines peace of mind with fantastic value.

Being independent allows us to invest in our practices, team and equipment. We have a comprehensive range of diagnostic equipment and surgical facilities, allowing us to examine, diagnose and treat conditions quickly.

And now our Lifetime Care Club truly reflects the values and ethos that inform every decision we make when caring for your pet.

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