Pet Insurance

We thoroughly recommend that you consider taking out an insurance policy for your pet. Modern veterinary medicine now enables us to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, some of which can incur expensive procedures and medications that regularly exceed £2000.

We are unable to recommend individual insurers so you should take the time to consider different policies taking into account not only cost but also what that policy will cover.

For further information on taking out an insurance policy for your pet click here.

One thing’s for sure, when faced with potentially expensive emergency treatment you will be glad your pet is covered by an insurance policy.

Membership of our pet healthcare scheme also affords two additional benefits:

  • Ability to take out an “accident and emergency” policy at much reduced costs to a full insurance policy – please do check scheme details so you fully understand the difference in cover provided compared to a normal insurance policy.
  • Ability to spread the costs of expensive veterinary treatment over a short period – please note that this is at the discretion of the practice partners and is not routinely offered