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Discounted Neutering

We’re offering 20% off neutering until 30th April!

Neutering has many benefits, including a reduced risk of certain cancers and a potential improvement in unwanted behaviours such as fighting and roaming. 

Just as importantly, it prevents unexpected or unwanted pregnancies and cuts down on the number of pets who unfortunately end up in shelters waiting to be rehomed.

We don’t want that for any pets – we want happy, healthy pets in loving homes. 

That’s why we’re offering 20% off neutering throughout March and April! 

That includes keyhole spays for female pets, which is a modern and much more efficient way of performing neutering surgery, with faster recovery times and reduced pain.

Simply book an appointment and we’ll sort out the rest. 

Get started today by calling either of our Alton (01420 82163) or Alresford (01962 732535) branches.

What is neutering and why is it important?

Neutering is the removal of all or part of a pet’s reproductive organs – spaying for female animals and castration for male. 

It’s a routine procedure that pets generally recover from quickly and without complications. They will spend the day with us in our separate cat or dog wards, recovering on soft, luxurious bedding with pheromone diffusers to reduce stress and aid recovery.

We recommend it for all pets that are not intended to be bred from, due to the many benefits, including:

  • The reduction or prevention of cancers such as mammary, testicular and ovarian cancer
  • Reduced roaming, fighting and other behavioural concerns linked to breeding
  • Female pets will not come into season and will be unable to become pregnant

Who can benefit from the neutering discount?

This neutering discount is available to all family pets – whether we’ve seen you before or not. We’ll even honour our offer if you booked your procedure before we launched it!

This offer is NOT available for breeders with litters and we are unable to provide any documentation which could be given out to a future owner.

Fit the bill? Then we can’t wait to see you for your pet’s neutering procedure. But remember, the offer ends 30th April 2024!

Get started today by calling either of our Alton (01420 82163) or Alresford (01962 732535) branches.